Meaningful and Sustainable Gifts Under $25

Finding an affordable yet meaningful gift for your loved one can be difficult task - but it’s not impossible! In fact, you can make a difference with just a few dollars. Your purchasing power goes far beyond just putting a smile on your loved one’s face. By gifting something from Handmade Palestine, you can help support livelihoods and empower a number of women artisans in Palestine!

It’s important now more than ever to make sure your purchases are sustainable and make real, positive impacts. Rest assured that the money you spend at Handmade Palestine will go directly to the people who helped make the handicrafts you love! Not only that, but any profit made from these purchases are all donated to tree planting and wildflower conservation at Mashjar Juthour!

So to help you get started, we’ve curated a collection of beautifully hand-crafted gifts under $25 just for you!


Keffiyeh Lanyard

These lanyards are perfect for work, school, errands, and any other necessity! As part of a growing collection from Straps by Sarab, these beautiful lanyards are hand-sewn by women at the Amari Refugee Camp Women’s Center. Its durable fabric features the keffiyeh pattern so your loved one can go about their day while showing their support for Palestine! Gifting one of these lanyards means you’re directly contributing to the livelihoods of Sarab and the women who help craft them!


Olive Oil Soap

The beauty of this soap is that it’s also moisturizing! With its generations-old recipe from Nablus, this olive oil soap is sure to bring a special touch to your loved one’s home. We carry a number of soaps for a variety of tastes, like olive oil soaps mixed with Dead Sea mud and camel’s and goat’s milk! What could be better than these rich and high quality ingredients in a gift? Help generate income for the artisans who make this soap just for you!


Tatreez Bookmark

This hand-embroidered bookmark is carefully made by the talented individuals at the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza City. This pouch is covered with traditional Palestinian tatreez, and is a perfectly colorful gift for your loved one. Your purchase will help fund the mission at the Atfaluna Society, where they offer speech therapy, schooling, and a social space for craft-making for the hearing impaired!


Art Prints

A collection of prints is a wonderful gift for the artistic person in your life! From the Zawyeh Gallery in Ramallah, we carry a number of incredible prints from Palestinian artists like Nabil Anani, Sliman Mansour, Fouad Agbaria, and many more! Bring a bit of Palestine to your loved one with this beautiful artwork from these talented individuals!


Children’s Book Olive Harvest in Palestine

For the little ones in your life, this children’s book by Wafa Shami is just the thing. In this book, Wafa tells the story of the olive harvest in Palestine through the eyes of a child, walking through the journey of picking the olives, pressing them, and bottling the oil. This beautifully-told story is a look into the age-old tradition of this harvest in Palestine! 


These gifts are a perfect way to show your loved ones just how much you care! And to make your purchase more special, you can even add a gift note for under $2 at checkout and we’ll ship your gift with a hand written note to your loved one. So why not make your gift something that can support livelihoods while making your loved ones happy? Purchase sustainable, meaningful, and affordable gifts with us today!

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