Gift Ideas for Shopping Ethically This Father’s Day

When you’re buying a gift for your dad this Father’s Day, you can make a meaningful impact by shopping ethically. Making the effort to thoughtfully spend your money means you’re positively impacting the livelihoods of the people making your gifts. Here at Handmade Palestine, you can provide income generation and support institutions that are making positive changes for people around Palestine just by shopping ethically with us. 

So for this Father’s Day, we’ve curated a list of the perfects gifts you can give your dad while still making an important impact on countless other lives. 


Leather Crossbody Bag 

The women at Amal Palestine in Al Ram stitch beautiful tapestry onto their crossbody bags, creating intricate embroidery that showcases traditional Palestinian tatreez designs. When purchasing this item, your money funds the project’s mission to train and employ disadvantaged women. This gift is the perfect thing for the dad who appreciates a good accessory to their outfit!


Traditional Keffiyehs

These come from the last remaining factory in Palestine to make keffiyehs. The keffiyehs are carefully made on antique machines in the Hebron factory, and can come in a variety of different colors! This gift will not only support income generation for these workers, but will also allow your dad to display their support for Palestine in their daily lives with this garment.


Recipe Aprons

For the dad who loves to cook, what’s better than a new apron? These aprons feature recipes for well-loved Palestinian dishes in clever patterns by Qastina Designs. Made from locally sourced fabric and printed in the Dheisha Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, these are an inspiration for your dad’s next meal while supporting the livelihood of the designer behind these beautiful aprons. 


Saniye - Traditional Hand-Woven Baskets

These baskets and saniye (plates) are beautiful gifts for the home. Om Yusef hand-crafts these traditional baskets, growing and dyeing the wheat herself to give it a personal touch. Gifting these colorful baskets means you provide Om with income generation, while also adding a special piece of decor to the home. 

It’s so important to shop ethically when you buy a gift. You not only give the special person in your life a meaningful gift, but you also support the livelihoods of the artisans you buy from. We hope you decide to shop ethically this Father’s Day to make the day even more impactful.

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