Celebrating International Wildlife Day - Planting more trees in Palestine

International Wildlife Day is celebrated on the 3rd of March! In celebration, we think it's important to remind ourselves, as we do everyday, and talk to you about Handmade Palestine's mission, and remind you that your support of our project goes a long way, to planting more trees in Ramallah area, wildlife preservation, and environmental awareness activities.

It's also an opportunity to remember that land has given us the raw materials to make the food and create crafts which then became our cultural history. 

We have so many beautiful and important trees in Palestine like the Kaikab (Arbutus andrachne) and Carob (Ceratonia siliqua). The olive tree is an easy and very important example also. Palestinians glorify this tree,  not only because its a symbol of peace and resilience, but because it also gives us olives, oil, and olive wood, from which we make artifacts by which we communicate our traditions and love to the holy land.

What a beautiful way to think about this connection that we are lucky to have with our land! But unluckily, every time we think about this we feel very threatened; was it because of the occupation which keeps cutting our trees to build illegal settlements, or because of modern civilization which is destroying our mountains to build sky-scrapers; leaving no place for our trees and the animals living in them. 

Mashjar Juthour's mission is to preserve, plant, educate and re-engage the community of the importance of rebuilding and maintaining our relationship with nature.

Activities to do in Ramallah with kids

When in Ramallah, you are invited to hike up to Juthour's mountain and visit the land where Saleh & Morgan bought 12 acres of land, putting all of their savings in the hopes of turning it into a botanical garden.

Thank you for being part of the family, and supporting our mission.

For more visit www.juthour.org

Educational games and guides by Mashjar Juthour

Educational Game for kids - Wildlife and Nature in Palestine


Palestinian Wildflowers Guide - A Pocket Book - Identify wildflowers in Palestine
Educational games for kids about environment - Who am I guessing game

Watercolor Painting of Palestinian Wildflowers for your home decoration

Indulge in our botanical flower Prints collection. Originally painted by Lois Nakhleh and Joan Musgrave in water-color. Prints are available in different sizes and they come matted (upon request) and un-matted. 

We think that identifying wildflowers is very important for several reasons, to mention a few:

1) They grow in the same nature we live in, hence they are good for a reason. While many don't recognize them and think they should be cut-off, which damages our natural heritage.
2) Many of the wildflowers are edible or have great medicinal value.
3) They help build and sustain healthy soil which we need to grow our food and plant our trees.
Botanical Flowers of Palestine in frames | Natural Wall Decoration

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