Stitching Stories: Celebrating Tatreez & The Beauty of Palestinian Cultural Heritage

On this International Day of Tatreez and Palestinian Culture, we invite you to join us in honoring and celebrating the art of tatreez, the exquisite expression of Palestinian embroidery and understanding its cultural significance and belonging to a rich legacy of Palestinian culture, tradition, heritage and identity. 

Originating centuries ago, tatreez holds a cherished place in the hearts of Palestinians, serving as a powerful symbol of Palestinian identity and sumoud (resilience), weaving a thread of connection that stitches together the Palestinian diaspora and the land stewards of Palestine in their love for their historic homeland, as well as in their continued resistance to injustice, the preservation of their iconic legacy and hope for freedom.

Tatreez is more than meets the eye: the mesmerizing beauty of the ornamental stitches, found typically on dresses called thobes (arabic plural thawab), are an abundant, ever changing language in its own right conveying the embroiderers' stories, life experience, historical and political events, and the collective as well as individual Palestinian identity. Looking underneath the surface of this ages old form of embroidery, tatreez is unveiled as almost mystical, bridging the gap between past and present, tradition and innovation, with each intricate and purposeful stitch embodying the spirit of Palestinians resilience and creativity, formed and refined by their relationship to the land of historic Palestine. (Silvia Ulloa, 2020 “Tatreez Online”)

The heritage and art form of tatreez is a gift that has historically been and continues to be passed on through the generations, uniquely so from mothers to daughters, highlighting the importance of Palestinian women as bearers of a myriad of functions from storytellers to artists to teachers to unifying elements of family and society, to curators, to resistance fighters and so much more. (Silvia Ulloa, 2020 “Tatreez Online”)

With the ever changing historical and political landscape of Palestine, so do the people of Palestine change and evolve - that is, within the historic homeland as well as outside of it. And so does the new generation of tatreez designers give new impulse to their heritage of tatreez: to adapt and respond to current day events and incorporate new found identities amidst struggle for emancipation, the fight for freedom and the pride they find in all of it, showing grace and strength, unwavering resilience to violent oppression and attempts to undermine Palestinian identity and existence. (Lina Barkawi, Linas Thobe)


This shows that Palestinian tatreez is a testament to the people's long standing ancient traditions & culture, heritage forming their collective as well as individual identity and it is also a testament to their resilience.

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Written by Sara Jaleel.

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