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Orchid Botanical Art, Ophrys transhyrcana in dark brown matting

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Painted by Botanical Artist Lois Nakhleh, the Ophrys transhyrcana (Bee Orchid) shows the flower in different moments of its life. This is a medium print in dark brown matting.

Wildflowers of Palestine botanical art series features Palestine's beautiful wildflowers in watercolor.* 

Lois Nakhleh has been painting wildflowers of our region for the last 17 years, engaging watercolor as her painting medium of choice

All profits from the sale of Wildflowers of Palestine botanical prints are used for wildflower conservation in Palestine at Mashjar Juthour. Read more about their work on their website or follow them on FB.

*Please note the first image displayed is cropped. Also, the prints will NOT have watermarks over the art.*

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