Little Olea

Teething Necklace from Natural Olive Wood with Dove

$ 36.95 USD

Organic olive wood nursing necklace for mamas to wear while babies nurse and touch or gnaw on for teething relief. This teething accessory is handcrafted from locally sourced sustainably harvested olive branch prunings. They are carved into beads and pendants.

Beads are then hand crocheted by women from Deir Ghasaneh before being assembled by hand into these gorgeous creations from Little Olea.

About the product
  • Material: Made from olive wood pruning cut during the olive harvest.
  • Each peace is hand carved and oiled with extra virgin, organic olive oil.
  • Olive wood is aged for at least 3 years before usage to prevent breaks and cracks.
  • There might be a slight difference in the shade and grain of actual Items in the piece you receive from that of the pictured one.
  • Babies should always be supervised during usage.
  • When cleaning it is advised to use a wet cloth. 
  • It is advised to treat the olive beads with warm oil when needed.


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