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Donate to re-building our shop

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If you have ever ordered from us, you've probably noticed that the return address on your package is Paradise, California. That's because Morgan's mom volunteers to manage all our online inventory and ship it. Here in Palestine, our post is terribly expensive and unreliable. So we thought a great solution would be to keep inventory in the States and have reliable, affordable shipping. 

And if you've been following the news, you've probably noticed that Paradise, California has been on fire since last Thursday. Thankfully, Morgan's parents made it out after a terrifying ordeal. Needless to say, all of our online inventory is gone.
If you have been checking out our site and looking at Christmas gifts, you'll notice that we've just put everything as out of stock. Over the next few days we will add whatever we can from here in Palestine. It's Christmas season and most artisans will not be able to make us orders quickly. Plus we need to see which artisans are able to work with us on a consignment basis (remember we always pay fair trade when we get handicrafts as one of our core principles). We'll be shipping from Palestine, which means the shipping rates will be higher and processing times slower. Please bear with us. 
And remember, this shop exists to bring you the highest quality in Palestinian handicrafts. Through the shop we contribute with fair trade to artisans' livelihoods and we fundraise to plant trees. If you want to support us, you can make a US tax deductible donation to Juthour Arboretum or you can donate on Handmade Palestine directly (but it is not tax deductible). 

Any amount of donation makes a difference, and we thank you for that in advance. 

You can donate $25, $50, or $100 dollars. 


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