Reem Makhoul

Arabic Story for Kids: وِينْ بدِّي أَتْخَبَى؟ | Where Shall I Hide?

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This is the sequel of “The Girl Who Lost Her Imagination.” Sheherazade is looking for something in this book. What is it? Will she find it? This edition is written in the Shami dialect [spoken in Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria].

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Authour's Story:

Arabic is my first language, I was surrounded by Palestinian amiyyeh and fusha every day, at home and at school. I always knew that I would speak Arabic with my own children. Our daughter Sheherazade was 20 months old when we moved from Jerusalem to New York, and I didn’t want her to lose her Arabic. It was her first language at that age, but I knew that was likely to change because she would be surrounded by English at school and among her friends. I read Arabic books to her every day, but as a parent I found it as frustrating to read these fusha books as I had found it reading them myself as a child. My daughter didn’t relate to the formal language, and I found it exhausting – at the end of a long day as a working mother – to read them out in Amiyyeh, translating them in my head from fussha. It broke the flow of the narrative, and I could see her losing interest. One night I decided that we needed to do something about it: that night the idea of writing our own children’s books in amiyyeh was born. It was March 2014. A year and a half later, we published our first book.

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