Resilience as an Art Form: Artistry Amidst Familiar Chaos And Rippling Effects of the Genocide in Gaza

When Westerners think of Palestine, they’ll mostly think about conflicts, wars, and nowadays they will have to debate the very real fact that there is a genocide happening in Gaza. Beyond this "cycle of violence"stereotype, most know little about the beauty of Palestine and Palestinian spirit.
This beauty can be found amongst many traditions in our unique art work as well our food and language and nature. In the midst of occupation-ridden landscapes Palestinian artists defy the odds, transforming the chaos of colonial occupation into canvases of resilience and hope. From the hilltops of Ramallah to the historic alleyways of Al Quds (Jerusalem), artisans' and artists' work serves as testament to the enduring spirit of a people opposing a 76 year long history of oppression, and before that occupation upon occupation.
For generations, Palestinians have faced the relentless onslaught of war and occupation, their lives intertwined with the struggle for freedom and dignity. Yet, amidst the rubble and ruins, art emerges as a powerful form of resistance—a beacon of light in the darkness, a defiant assertion of identity and belonging.
Despite the odds, Palestinian artists persevere. Through their work, they reclaim space, defy occupation, and assert their right to exist and create. Their art is a testament to the power of creativity in the face of adversity, a testament to the resilience of a people determined to create beauty & hope in stark contrast to the constant violence and wars.
Join us as we journey into the world of Palestinian artistry, exploring the stories of artists who create beauty amidst chaos imposed on their lives. Their work offers a glimpse into the soul of a people, a people determined to carve its own destiny amidst the ruins of colonization and genocide.
Meet Basma, a member of the Holy Land Handicrafts Cooperative in Beit Sahour, who emphasizes the ongoing challenges faced by Palestinians due to occupation. The cooperative, part of the World Fair Trade Organization, provides economic, health, and environmental improvements through its 35 workshops, employing over 1,000 Palestinians.


Basma highlights the lack of stability in Palestinian lives, characterized by restrictions on movement, checkpoints, and violations of basic human rights. While the pandemic briefly shed light on these struggles, Palestinians have endured them for decades, with Bethlehem's economy heavily reliant on tourism. Despite setbacks caused by the pandemic and subsequent Israeli actions, Basma and other artists persist, relying on international orders facilitated by platforms like However, orders have dwindled, with only 10% compared to the previous year, highlighting the far-reaching effects of events like the Gaza genocide. Basma stresses that these difficulties are not new but ongoing, prompting Palestinian business owners to constantly anticipate challenges.
As a Palestinian, if you have a good year as a business owner or a creative, you have to ask yourself: when will the difficulties start again? See the entire collection of olive wood crafts from artisans in Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative here

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