Boycott and “Buycott” for Palestine

Boycotting for Palestine is vital at the moment – and it is equally important to use your spending power to invest in the Palestinian economy. To “buycott” for Palestine is to dedicate yourself to intentionally supporting Palestinian business, craft, and culture.

With Palestinian borders being illegally controlled, Palestinian craft makers are experiencing increased difficulty accessing the supplies necessary to create their products. That’s why investing in the Palestinian economy is so important. Providing as much financial support to Palestinians as we can will preserve not only these businesses, but the culture that is so beautifully communicated through these products.

So many families in Palestine are experiencing increased financial hardship with these restrictions. We’ve heard from some of our new artisans and Sarab that raw materials – like fabric and metal clips for straps – are very difficult to find. Within our group of artisans, many women are also telling us that their husbands aren’t able to work, are sick, or have lost their jobs. These women are carrying the financial responsibility for their families with their craft making – which is largely a women’s cottage industry.

With this increased financial burden placed on Palestinians and their families, it’s clear that we must intentionally use our purchasing power to support them and their craft.

We at Handmade Palestine have put together ways for some of these women to use their craft to support themselves and their families. In Beit Doqo, we have 10 women in our tatreez co-op. And in January, we started a new group that gives work to nearly 20 women from across the West Bank. This is an incredible opportunity for income generation – and to preserve their craft.

But this work can only go so far. This is where “buycotting” – or intentional purchasing – comes into play. Right now, it is vital that we financially support these artisans and other Palestinian businesses to uphold the Palestinian economy and safeguard Palestinian culture.

The restriction of Palestinians’ access to goods – and to tourism and customers – has been detrimental to the financial sustainability of many Palestinians’ livelihoods. But we have the capacity to invest in their work and their lives through intentional purchasing.

As you continue to boycott Israeli goods, incorporate “buycotting” for Palestine in your everyday activism. Together we will sustain the Palestinian economy and preserve the incredible and vibrant craftsmanship and culture of Palestine.

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