Shemagh Keffiyehs - Original Palestinian Herbawi's


Traditionally keffiyehs in Palestine were first worn as scarves by peasant farmers to protect from the sun and dust. In the 1930’s the keffiyeh became a symbol of resistance when the farmers revolted against the British occupiers. Today the keffiyeh continues to hold deep symbolic meaning while also serving practical uses as a scarf, table cloth, and so on. 

The one factory in Palestine that continues to make keffiyehs can be found in the heart of Hebron. The Herbawi Keffiyeh Factory has a dozen antique machines, run by the Herbawi family since they founded the factory in 1961. Today they struggle to compete with cheap imported keffiyehs from China, though the quality of the original, handmade in Palestine keffiyehs is far superior! (Read more)

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