Keffiyeh in Teal on Black Style

$ 32.95 USD

Dream of the deep blue ocean with this teal and black keffiyeh, designed with a simple teal thread stitched onto a dark black fabric. It measures approximately 50 X 50 inches and weighs 0.43 pounds.

Historically, keffiyehs were worn by Arab men as a headdress. A cord, know as an agal, is used to secure the keffiyeh on top of the head. Some men wear the keffiyeh wrapped like a turban, while others loosely drape it over their head. The purpose of the keffiyeh is to protect the wearer from sun and dust, therefore it is typical of arid desert regions.

Handmade in Palestine supports local artisans in Palestine, while also donating all surplus profits from our sales to to the not-for-profit initiative, Mashjar Juthour, an eco project that plants trees and protects Palestine's natural heritage. To learn more about Mashjar Juthour, visit the website at juthour.org.

*Please note that because the factory rarely repeats the exact same patterns. Some variations occur in linens or patterns. Also please note that sometimes threads are snagged on the antique machines. We do our best to select perfect keffiyehs, but frankly you are buying a beautiful keffiyeh made on ancient machinery and should expect some character!

Weight: 0.43 pounds

Dimensions: 50 X 50 inches

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