Keffiyeh in Summer Style

Keffiyeh in Summer Style

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Whether you're celebrating the beginning of Summer or wishing it would come back sooner, embody the barbecues, sun, and stress free days of Summer with a Keffiyeh that shows off the colors of the sand, beach, sky and grass we associate with these carefree days. In this design, blues, greens, reds, yellow, and beige threads are all stitched onto a green and yellow fabric with white highlighting. It measures approximately 50 X 50 inches and weighs 0.43 pounds.

Customarily, keffiyehs are square scarves, made of cotton and occasionally wool. Today, they come in a large variety of colors and patterns. However, many of the classic Keffiyeh styles represent a specific cultures. The plain white Keffiyeh is most popular in the Arab Gulf states, red and white keffiyehs are a symbol of Jordanian culture, and the classic black and white Keffiyeh is a sign of Palestinian heritage and now solidarity.

Handmade in Palestine supports local artisans in Palestine, while also donating all surplus profits from our sales to to the not-for-profit initiative, Mashjar Juthour, an eco project that plants trees and protects Palestine's natural heritage. To learn more about Mashjar Juthour, visit the website at

*Please note that because the factory rarely repeats the exact same patterns. Some variations occur in linens or patterns. Also please note that sometimes threads are snagged on the antique machines. We do our best to select perfect keffiyehs, but frankly you are buying a beautiful keffiyeh made on ancient machinery and should expect some character!

Weight: 0.43 pounds

Dimensions: 50 X 50 inches


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