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Tote Bag in Waraq Dawali Design

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Tote Bag in Wara Dawali Design handcrafted by El Beir Arts and Seeds in Beit Sahour. The fabric is locally made, sewn in Hebron and printed in Dheisha Refugee Camp.

Waraq Dawali is another favorite dash in Palestine. Waraq Dawali means Grape Leaves in Arabic. You pick and boil the leaves. You soak the rice in water for 10 minutes, then you filter out the water, chop onion, garlic, tomato, and parsley, add spices then mix the rice with the veggies. You add the rice on top of the grape leaf then you roll it. After, you bring a pan, on the bottom you put cooked chicken or red meat, based on preference then you stack the rolled grape leaves on top of them. Then you soak the grape leaves with water, add salt and olive oil, and cook on the stove, until water boils out. Bon Apetit. 

Dimensions: 40x29 cm | 15.5x11.5 in 

*Photo courtesy of Designer Ayed Arafah  


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