Beit Doqo Women's Cooperative

Pomegranate Earrings in Hand Cut Brass with Red Bead

$ 26.95 USD

Brass earrings are handcrafted into large pomegranates with a chain dangling in the center holding a red stone or blue stone. The pomegranate is a common fruit in Palestine, with pomegranate trees in most of our gardens.

The artisans use small tools to hand cut sheets of brass and build these earrings. The larger earrings have a brass chain dangling and all are on brass plated earring hooks.

Made from brass, these fabulous earrings are handmade by the women of The Beit Doqo Society outside of Jerusalem.

Did you know that all profits from the sales of our site are used for planting trees in Palestine at Mashjar Juthour?

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