Big Sale Friday - Up to 40% OFF

Warming up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Season; still we have 6 weeks ahead of us, but we decided to start this series of 6 Fridays offering you up to 40% discounts on all sorts of handicrafts on our website.

Each Friday we'll be having a discount on a certain collection of the Palestinian Handicrafts including Gypsy Jewelry, Palestinian Keffiyehs or Shemagh Scarves, Brass Jewelry, Olive wood utensils, olive oil soap, and embroidered handicrafts including cross stitch hand bags, pencil bags, bookmarks, and embroidered key chains. 

1st week we're going to be offering 30% discount on gypsy jewelry by the Domari society of Gypsies in Jerusalem, including Tassel Earrings, Crocheted Earrings with old coins, Gypsy necklace and Gypsy bracelet. 


Click to read about the story of them Domari Society.